What's new June 2018



    Kubo is available for 15 minute consultations on the Chirpbox shipping container farm.

    Nicholas Burkett has joined our team to help with troubleshooting and farm support.

    Austin Miller is now available to help you on all your financial projection and spreadsheet-based needs.



    Cricket farming kits are available here.

    Supplies can be found here.

    Want larger bins with better airflow and want to build them yourselves? The new 8'x4' Stackable Bin Design Drawings are here!

    There are new training options available as well.



    We are now accepting pre-orders on Chirpboxes. These high-efficiency shipping container farms are being built in limited runs. Fulfillment is first-come, first-served, so put down a deposit to lock it in before they're gone!

    Chirpbox also now has a specialized support package.



    What should I look for in a cricket egg supplier?




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